Mini Cooper SE: open orders, from € 37,600

Mini officially announces the opening of orders for the first electric, the Cooper SE, which will be available in two finishes, with respective prices of € 37,600 and € 40,800, excluding ecological bonuses. A rental offer without contribution of € 360 / month is also available.

Finally, the Honda e is more interesting from a financial point of view than the Mini Cooper SE, which displays an entry ticket at € 32,900 … but only in Business. For individuals, two finishes are on the program: Greenwich and Yours, details of which are posted on the official Cooper SE website.

The respective rates are as follows: € 37,600 and € 40,800. Remember that the Cooper SE is only sold in three doors, with a 184 hp engine and 28.9 kWh batteries, lower than the Honda e (35.5 kWh) which is also less powerful. In official reports, the two have relatively similar autonomy, between 200 and 250 km, depending on the version. But it will be necessary to compare them in reality to really realize the most interesting.

The rental being widely acclaimed by customers of electric vehicles, Mini is launching an attractive offer with an LOA without contribution of € 360 / month on a Cooper SE Greenwich over 36 months and 30,000 km.