Most Americans Still Think Electric Cars Are Too Expensive

Electric Cars Are Too Expensive

The main range of “battery” cars exceeds the bar of 50 thousand dollars, which is inaccessible to many

Consulting company Deloitte surveyed more than 26,000 motorists around the world to find out what keeps them from buying an electric car. It turned out that for 52 percent of US residents, the cost of “green” cars is still the main repulsive factor. Last November, the average price of an electric car in the North American market was $65,041, which is too expensive for most.

Half of respondents from Japan are not considering buying an electric car because of the high price. In Germany, the same factor was noted by 44 percent of respondents, in India – 36 percent. In China, whose market is filled with budget electric cars, the price deters only 19 percent of buyers.

For Germans, the main problem remains the lack of range, which worries 57 percent of survey participants, for Indians – the lack of public charging stations (43 percent), for South Koreans – long charging (49 percent). The Chinese are most concerned about the safety of the traction battery (32 percent).

Deloitte also learned how respondents see their next car. ICE cars are still the most preferred, with 62 percent voting for them in the US, 53 percent in India, and 51 percent each in Southeast Asia and Germany. Less than half of those surveyed would choose such a car in China (45 percent), South Korea (38 percent) and Japan (36 percent). Hybrids are the most interesting for the Japanese (36 percent), while electric cars are the most interesting for the Chinese (27 percent).

It also turned out that most are not attracted to the idea of subscribing to certain functions of the car. So, in China, 54 percent would like to pay for them once, in India – 49 percent, in the USA – 46 percent. In favor of a monthly subscription were 21 percent of respondents from Japan and Southeast Asia, 20 percent from the United States, 16 percent from Germany, and only eight percent from China.

However, more and more manufacturers are joining this practice: Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and others have introduced a monthly fee, and we are talking about a variety of functions – from autopilot to heated seats.