Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Destroy Audi R8 & Jaguar XE: Video

It’s still quite unbelievable if you think about it.

We know, we know… not another¬†Tesla¬†drag racing video. And, the video itself is nothing special nor is the quality very good. It’s certainly not flashy or highly produced. However, when we see the¬†Tesla Model 3 Performance¬†absolutely crush iconic and revered sports cars to this degree, we take notice.

Looking back, when the¬†Model 3¬†first came along, we knew it was going to be a fantastic car. It’s a Tesla with a reputation to live up to. So, of course, few people doubted it would be quick. However, since it’s the Silicon Valley automaker’s entry-level offering, assuming it would be lightning-quick and incredibly sporty would seem to be a stretch. C’mon, that’s what the¬†Model S¬†is for.

Fast-forward to a few years later and the Model 3 has proven itself in about as many ways possible. It’s extremely popular across the globe, it’s exceedingly safe,¬†it’s comfortable, it offers substantial cargo space for a car of its size,¬†it’s finally available in its base configuration for around $35,000, and it’s agile, smooth, and eager.

It comes as no surprise that people are flocking to buy the car and that it has outsold a number of gas-powered models. Still, as we push for EV adoption and work to dispel the myths surrounding the new technology, there’s nothing quite like seeing the Tesla Model 3 Performance handily blow away the¬†Audi¬†R8 and Jaguar XE. We suggest sharing videos like this with naysayers and critics.