BMW to attack Porsche and Tesla with an i7?

Porsche is today the only brand to offer an alternative to Tesla in the segment of electric sedans. But BMW could join the party with an i7, which, in its S version, would make more than 600 hp.

With Audi developing a whole e-tron range and Mercedes preparing an EQS, it would be very astonishing not to see BMW replying, in particular against the Porsche Taycan. Currently, the latter finds itself fighting alone against the Tesla Model S in a segment still very profitable for manufacturers.

Our colleagues often well informed on the BMW Blog announce from an internal source at BMW that the brand is preparing an electric sedan under the name i7. 

It would be marketed in two versions: i7 and i7S, the latter claiming around 670 hp and especially batteries of 120 kWh, which would make the sedan with the longest range on the market, with a range of 600 km in real conditions. BMW should adopt a configuration with at least two electric motors for all-wheel drive.

BMW being part of the joint venture of Ionity charging stations, we imagine that such a car could easily connect to the growing network of European charging stations, distributing some 350 kW of peak power under the best conditions.