Charging stations: almost 30,000 points in France, but very little in rapid charging

The situation of charging stations in France is improving, but the proportion of fast charging stations is not progressing. Currently, there are just under 30,000 terminals in France, but just 10% beyond 22 kW, which is very little.

The electric car will not succeed in attracting the greatest number without convincing infrastructure. A speech repeated over and over again, but hardly applied in reality. Even if the situation improves in France, it should however be noted that there are great disparities in the distribution of charging stations.

Of the 28,600 charging points installed in France (for 213,000 electric cars in circulation), only 10% are above 22 kW of power. Clearly, almost all charging stations are intended only for vehicles with short mileage, in urban areas.

For longer journeys, there are then two solutions: having a Tesla and taking advantage of the Supercharger network (which, as we recall, is exclusively reserved for Tesla ) or else waiting for the Ionity network (developed by a consortium of German manufacturers). and Ford) is only gaining momentum. But it is clearly not for now, even if Ionity has advantages, such as high power (recovering 80% charge on a Model 3 in 30 minutes is possible) and easy access (no specific card subscription or complicated payment solution).

Finally, at the geographical level, the distribution of the terminals is not done in an egalitarian manner. Two regions (Ile de France and Occitanie) are entitled to a quarter of French charging stations. So there are still charging “deserts” in France.