Datsun could be revived

Nissan has not yet decided what to do with the Datsun brand, though production of cars under this brand has already been stopped. According to Automotive News sources, one of the options for further development of the situation could be a revival of the brand – this time for the production of low-cost electric cars.

The publication’s sources have not given any details – the fate of Datsun brand is still under discussion. However, Nissan repeatedly confirmed its own course on electrification. For example, in November of the last year the firm announced that a minimum of one and a half dozen new electric cars would appear under the Nissan and Infiniti brands by 2030. Nissan intends to invest several billion dollars in developing electric mobility in the US alone.

It is possible that Nissan will position its own-brand electric cars as close to the premium segment: in February, the company announced two electric cars on the same platform, which will be marketed as Nissan and Infiniti. The re-emergence of the Datsun brand will then be an additional way of distancing budget and premium solutions.

The Datsun brand was relaunched about 10 years ago with a focus on affordable maximum localised offerings. In Russia, the model range of this brand was based on Togliatti platforms. However, due to low sales in 2020, Nissan began to curtail production, and at the end of April the brand’s last assembly line in India was shut down.