Daymak electric cars will be able to mine cryptocurrency while parked

In addition to a built-in miner, the car will have its own hardware wallet that will allow it to pay tolls and make bank transfers

Electric car maker Daymak has announced a new Spiritus model that will be able to mine cryptocurrency while charging and parking. The electric car will mine digital coins “from Dogecoin to bitcoin” and will begin production in 2023, but pre-orders are available now. Daymak is accepting pre-payment for Spiritus in bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Cardano from 1 June.

The company is in the process of securing a patent for its own Daymak Nebula technology, with which the electric car will mine cryptocurrency and store it in a hardware wallet. The accumulated digital coins can then be used to pay for parking or tolls. The software installed in Spiritus will allow bank transfers.

Daymak is a Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles, ranging from bicycles to personal electric cars. The company was founded in Toronto in 2001.