Huge dump of new electric vehicles discovered in China

Huge dump of new electric cars in China

Users of the Weibo social network are discussing a video in which a large-scale car dump is captured, and it is made up of brand new Ora iQ electric cars. This car was produced by the Great Wall concern. The cars are undoubtedly abandoned, they are all covered in dust.

It turned out that they were produced for carsharing by Ole Sharing. The service started in 2018, investments in it amounted to approximately $140 million. Two years ago, the company claimed that the number of its customers had passed the mark of 2.5 million, and almost all of them positively evaluated the project. But soon Ole Sharing ran into serious problems.

At the end of 2020, the Beijing operating office of the company was dissolved, and content was no longer updated in the corporate communities of the enterprise in social networks. Six months later, official information about the termination of the project was made public. This was led to restrictions in the issuance of subsidies for electric cars in China. Why the owners of the production did not sell the machines remains a mystery.