In the UK, Renault stops the rental of batteries on the Zoe

Across the Channel, Renault is backtracking in the marketing of the Zoe with the termination of the battery rental contract. From now on, it will only be a full acquisition, whether in classic purchase or in leasing.

Battery rental is sold by Renault on the Zoe as peace of mind for buyers who fear battery or wear concerns. The diamond manufacturer has however decided to completely withdraw this option in the United Kingdom, leaving buyers only with the solution of the full purchase.

Renault is justified by the fact that the battery rental was initially used to remedy the problem of residual value. But with the democratization of electric cars and the advancement of technologies, which are becoming less expensive, the price of the car with batteries has become more competitive.

We contacted Renault, who made it clear to us that this change in commercial policy was very “specific” to the British market. Suffice to say that in France, battery rental will remain in the catalog, especially since a large part of Zoe’s customers are still fond of this battery rental today.