Jeep plans to convert classic CJs into electric cars

Mopar, a part of Stellantis, has prepared for the North American exhibition of auto components SEMA-2022 a classic Jeep CJ converted to an electric car, it received the prefix Surge in the name. Recall that Mopar specializes in the development and production of tuning parts and accessories for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep cars.

Conceptually, the Jeep CJ Surge electric car is addressed to off-road conquerors and has a more or less characteristic set – reinforced Dana 44 Crate axles, a 5-centimeter chassis lift above the ground, power bumpers from the Wrangler Rubicon catalog, a winch, 35-inch BF Goodrich class A / T wheels . From an open body without doors rises a spatial frame of pipes of circular cross section. But the most interesting is hidden in the bowels of the body. An electric motor installed under the hood develops a maximum power of 268 hp. and through a two-stage transfer case transmits torque to all four wheels. The 50 kWh lithium battery pack is installed directly in the body behind the front seats, completely taking up space for cargo or additional seats. Power electrical equipment is designed to operate at a voltage of 400 V.

Based on the experience of the Jeep CJ Surge, Mopar is exploring the prospect of a market for ready-made electrical kits for converting past generations of Jeep cars into electric vehicles.