Polestar 2: prices are starting to fall, cars are currently unavailable in France

In Europe, the marketing of the new Polestar 2, the first 100% electric car from the Swedish manufacturer, is only planned in certain countries. France is not one of them, however. In Belgium, the car starts at € 58,990, with the unique high-end version of 407 hp and batteries of 78 kWh.

Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium, these are the only countries where it is now possible to configure the Polestar 2, the very first 100% electric car in the sporting branch of Volvo, now branded in its own right, like Cupra for Seat. 

Unfortunately, and this is very surprising, France is not part of the launch program for the Polestar 2. The manufacturer is skipping one of the main European markets for the electric car, and it will be difficult to invoke tax reasons penalty, since we are on an electric car.

We contacted the brand to find out more about the absence of Polestar from France. Volvo explains that discussions “are underway” for the arrival and distribution of Polestar in France, but that nothing is dated yet. Polestar will therefore arrive well in France: it is a question of “when”, rather than “if”.

In the meantime, in Belgium, the Polestar 2 is sold for € 58,990. A high price, but which is explained by the fact that Polestar only offers for the moment the high-end version: 407 hp, four-wheel drive, 78 kWh, and a list of important equipment (the full endowment to find on the official website). 

At this price, the Polestar 2 is positioned straight ahead of the Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie, and under the Performance version, € 5,000 more expensive. A car therefore very competitive, which should not have a hard time finding its audience in this segment.