Renault could launch an electric vehicle for less than € 10,000

The managing director of Renault told the press at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the brand is seriously considering cheap electrics in Europe, especially if the K-ZE is a success in China. We are talking about a car less than 10 000 €.

Can the Renault group remake us the Dacia coup, but in the electric? While questions arise about the future of the Romanian brand, whose prices will inevitably increase as standards will harden on thermal engines, Thierry Bollore, the boss of Renault, confirmed at the Frankfurt Motor Show that Renault could manage to profit from the sale and rental of an electric vehicle at very low cost in Europe.

Renault is already in a good dynamic with the Zoe which is making profits and showing itself to be profitable, despite the low sales volumes.

We are already making profits with our current electrics with relatively modest volumes. By projecting what is happening in the automobile market, we have a real vision where we can still make profits with good electrics. Everyone is working on high-end models, but the key thing is that we need to have accessible electric vehicles,” confirmed Renault number one.

If Renault were to actually introduce this car in Europe, it would not be before five years. The time, too, for the cost of batteries to drop further, and for the brand to find a valid business plan for Europe. Meanwhile, the least expensive recent electrics remain the Skoda Citigo e iV and Volkswagen e-Up !, at less than € 20,000, ecological bonus included.