Tokyo Motor Show 2019: an electric city car concept for Nissan

The Tokyo show is slowly approaching and some manufacturers are already revealing, three weeks before the event, the cars that can be found on the stands. Starting with Nissan, with the IMk concept, which foreshadows an electric city car.

Nissan is bringing together its new generation of autonomous and electrified vehicles under the name IM, for “Intelligent Mobility”. The first concept had been a crossover, the IMx, and today, the Japanese brand unveils the second part, which we will find at the end of October on its stand at the Tokyo fair.

The IMk is the concept in question, with the “k” for “kei”, the famous class of small cars in Japan. Nissan tells us about an electric city car that is partially autonomous, especially in the parking phases, with a valet system that allows you to leave your car parked alone with a smartphone application.

Nissan’s design boss has confirmed that he “hopes” that a large number of customers will be able to drive this car in the future. And since Nissan has already announced that eight new electrified new products will emerge within 3 years, we imagine that an electric city car under the Leaf could be on the program, in particular thanks to a brand new platform specifically dedicated to electric vehicles.