Why is the Peugeot e-208 electric thermal like the others?

Nothing distinguishes the new electric Peugeot from its thermal sisters. A choice of the brand which intends to make its new model a Peugeot like the others. One way to reconsider the electric car market.

Hard to ignore that these electric cars are electric. Because the stylistic codes, and the colors of these zero-emission cars are different from the petrolettes. Blue here and there for purity, a hint of green for the environment, and a splitting design to make it different. Not at Peugeot. Even looking at it twice, it is difficult to recognize the new e-208 in the midst of its diesel or petrol friends. 

Line It is exactly the same as that of a BlueHDI diesel or a Puretech petrol. Obviously, purists will notice that a small green “e” has become embedded in the rear pillar. Of course, the teasers will retort that there is no exhaust, necessarily useless. To finish convincing the unbelievers of this choice of lion, simply open the door for them. The interior is strictly identical to that of another 208 with equal finish. Peugeot has pushed the attention to detail to keep the small lever of the EAT8 automatic gearbox in the electric version of its city car, as noted by Pierre Desjardins in its test .

An assumed choice

We can assume that this desire not to change anything is only a buzz of the manufacturer. A common platform with all 208 electric or thermal, and similar parts, obviously do the trick of the finance department. But this choice is also eminently marketing. For Peugeot, the electric seems to reach the age of reason.

So would it be over with militant clients? Drivers who choose the environment out of conviction? A conviction that they wish to display through a car different from the others? This club is perhaps a little limited in number of members and to develop its sales, and launch its new electric, the Sochaux brand intends to expand its clientele, which is an unstoppable logic.

A choice to reassure

To expand the number of fans of the electric, is to convince them, and reassure them, that the e-208 is a 208 like the others. What Jean-Philippe Imparato explained to our colleagues at BFM. “We live in a very anxiety-provoking era, it’s StarWars every morning, it feels like the world is over. If we do not inject serenity, simplicity, I do not see why customers would switch to electric.” 

Then the owner of the brand wants to pamper them, remind them of the good times before or a car like a car, not a spaceship, and they will be able to recharge their E-208 or they want through all the device of cables, sockets and access to the house, the office and in the street to connect.

But a careful choice

If we have fully assimilated Peugeot’s new electric car policy, we arrive at a simple observation: the Lion wants to widen its target and smash sales. And the brand to deliver a figure, at least an estimate: the e-208 must achieve 10% of total sales of the versatile city car. 

An apparently ambitious percentage. Except that. When we look at the total sales in France of the late 208 first formula, we see that 102,395 was sold last year.

Based on this figure, it should therefore sell for just over 10,000 € -208. A nice score. Except that the Renault Zoe, still last year, sold 17,000 copies. It would therefore be necessary that the new Peugeot, all engines combined and armed with all its qualities, increase its sales by 70%, to pretend to catch up with its rival, without even pretending to crush it. Playable, but not won.