Wireless chargers for electric cars tested at Google

We are still waiting for fast charging systems for electric cars , or even roads that act as chargers . Wireless terminals may be a solution. It was the bet of the American company Plugless Power  which announced that it had installed new wireless charging systems for electric vehicles at Google headquarters.

It is the first time that this technique will be tested by the public. The Plugless Power system uses an induction charging method (like Qi systems for mobile phones), operating wirelessly at close range.

Tests in the 1990s

This full-scale test by Google will allow the company’s electric vehicles to recharge automatically when they are parked in specific places, without using cables.

The experience is good publicity for Plugless Power, which explains that it wants to launch other tests with other businesses and households, before launching to the general public by 2012.

For its part, the American manufacturer GM was also interested in this technology in the 1990s, but the project was abandoned in 2002. However, the automobile giant suggests that it is still interested in this technology wireless charging, having invested in recent months in the Powermat company which allows electric devices to be recharged on board vehicles without using wires.