An electric car gearbox to gain autonomy

The current problem of the electric is the transmission: a single report, which obliges the manufacturers to make a choice between maximum initial torque or maximum speed. ZF intends to give the best of both with a two-speed gearbox integrated into an electric motor. And the icing on the cake: it would be possible to gain up to 5% of autonomy, without changing batteries.

Today, most electric vehicles are based on a single-speed transmission: you accelerate, and the torque of the electric motor, immediate and maximum, drives the car. Only here, for sports vehicles, this is a problem, since with a single report, the maximum speed is often quite limited.

A barrier that ZF may have crossed. The German supplier unveiled an all-in-one concept during the summer: a 190 hp electric motor combined with a two-speed gearbox and the entire electronic power control system. All this in a single, compact and easily integrated container. Another version of this mechanical block is announced at 340 hp. A device already successfully tested on a Volkswagen Touran converted to electric.

In addition to having both torque and a higher maximum speed, this “all in one” motor would also allow according to ZF to gain up to 5% of autonomy by remaining on the same battery pack . This thanks to the shift to the second gear, from 70 km / h. It is, in short, a principle similar to that of the Overdrive at the time when this additional and long report was offered on certain car models.

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