BMW i4: a “simple” conversion rather than a separate model

Unlike other brands, BMW has not developed a specific platform for its i4 sedan which will use the underside of the new 4 Series. The car will offer two different battery levels and four powers.

BMW is preparing its electric offensive with the launch of the iNext crossover and a brand new i4. The sedan will come in direct competition with the Tesla Model 3 which displays an iron health, especially since the problems in production have been solved. The first details regarding this i4 are already surfacing. Our colleagues from Automobile-Clean indeed announce several levels of power and battery.

The German manufacturer would have taken over the “known” nomenclature, with the i420, i430, i440 and the high-end i440. The first two will make 200 and 265 hp, with batteries of 60 and 80 kWh, while the i440 and i450 would make 326 and 400 hp, still with 60 and 80 kWh. Battery capacities similar to those of a Model 3 (at least for the 80 kWh versions), but the fact of having designed an i4 on a Series 4 platform, and not from a blank sheet, could give the Tesla efficiency advantage.

Obviously, fast charging will be available on the i4, and our colleagues are talking about a maximum acceptable power of 150 kW, on the Ionity network. The i4 would promise 300 km of autonomy in its version at 60 kWh, and logically a little more in 80 kWh. How much, exactly? Response in 2021, at launch.