Ford Mustang “Lithium”: electric, and with a six-speed manual transmission

The Sema Show is being held this week in Las Vegas and the craziest preparations are emerging from all walks of life. Among them, a somewhat particular Ford Mustang called “Lithium”. Converted to electric, it develops 900 hp and adopts … a six-speed manual gearbox.

If American customers want a new generation Shelby GT500 with a manual gearbox, they have little choice: they will have to turn to Webasto, the preparer who transformed the Shelby GT500 to electric. Eh yes ! The transmission is not a single report (or two reports) like on many electrics, but a six-speed manual transmission.

The car claims 900 hp and 1,355 Nm of torque, which should be enough to transform the rear tires into dust after several accelerations that are a little too frank. The Mustang Lithium also inherits specific 20-inch rims and carbon fiber body parts, as well as a Ford “Performance Track Handling” package, which allows for shorter springs and six-piston Brembo brakes.

Ford, which participated in the project, unfortunately does not specify what is the capacity of the batteries installed in this unique Mustang. All we know is that they operate at 800V, the minimum voltage to reach such power levels.