Electric cars – Sales and charging networks, how is France in Europe?

ACEA, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, has just published a full report on new vehicle sales for 2018 and on the share of cars with so-called alternative fuel. How does France rank in these different rankings?

Sales of new electrified vehicles

In 2018, the share of electrified vehicles in new car sales was 2%, evenly split between electric and plug-in hybrids, when it was 0.6% in 2014. But 80% of them are concentrated in only six countries. France is third with 45,587 units sold, representing 2.1% of market share, behind Germany (67,504 units, 2.0%) and the United Kingdom (59,911 units, 2.5%) . On the red lantern side, Latvia is last, with only 93 models registered for 0.6% of the market.

Help with purchase

The vast majority of countries offer tax reductions or exemptions on the acquisition or possession of a rechargeable electric and / or hybrid vehicle, but only 12 of the 28 countries that make up Europe offer purchase aids . And if the € 6,000 from France seems to be a comfortable sum, it only places it third on par with Italy behind, surprisingly, Slovenia and Romania which reduce the purchase price by up to 7,500 and € 11,500!

Charging points

76% of the 143,589 European charging points, up 316.8% since 2014, are located in 4 countries: the Netherlands (25.8%, 37,037 units), Germany (19.1%, 27 459 units), France (17.3%, 24,850 units) and finally the United Kingdom (13.3%, 19,076 units).

However, if we take into account the number of charging points per kilometer of road in each territory, France goes from third to eighth place , with 2.3 points per 100 km, the first remaining the Country – Low (28) followed by Luxembourg (27.3) and Germany (11.9).

At the other extreme, Romania, six times larger than the Netherlands, offers a total of 125 across its territory, or 1 for every 1,000 km of road.

However, the countries that rank best in the above rankings are not necessarily those with the lowest average CO2 emissions from new vehicles as a whole. Germany, first in sales of electrified cars, second in the number of charging points and third in the size of the latter, is the third most emitting CO2 market per new vehicle sold, with 129.9 g / km of average. Far behind France, which ranks as the sixth most virtuous country , with 112.2 g / km, the European average being 120.6.