Porsche announces that its “future is electric”

The phrase from the boss of Porsche North America sounds like nothing, but it illustrates the path that the German brand is taking for the next decade. Klaus Zellmer announced that “the future of Porsche is electric”. The manufacturer aims for a mix of 50% of sales in rechargeable cars.

By 2025, we will have reached a tipping point and Porsche will build more than 50% of its annual volume with an electrical outlet, in one form or another, be it plug-in hybrid technology or fully battery-powered Our commitment is enormous, even if of course the combustion engine is not dead, when we take sports cars like the 911 for example. ” It’s a statement from Klaus Zellmer, the boss of Porsche for North America, which seems like nothing, but it shows that the Taycan is not only an exercise in technology and style for Porsche, which has already registered more than 30,000 orders for a car that could well nibble at Panamera market share.

And the electric adventure is still in its infancy for Porsche. The next step will be the Taycan Cross Turismo, but also a Sport Turismo body.

The Zuffenhausen brand, however, plays with caution towards its regular customers, not frankly the kind of people who want to be jostled. It is the passage of the declaration on the 911 which demonstrates that Porsche is going there in stages. The next Macan, for example, will be produced in electric, but the thermal version will last for some time in parallel, just to make the transition smoothly. Logical, considering the fact that the gasoline-powered Macan is Porsche’s best selling product today.

“The future is electric,” tells us Porsche, which shows its intentions: at least 50% of its sales will be in electric from 2025. Porsche will be able to afford this radical change by not touching, at the start, the 911, which remains a minority compared to the Cayenne / Macan / Panamera trio. But do not be fooled too much: the mythical German coupe will also adopt, sooner or later, a new hatch hiding a charging socket, at least in rechargeable hybrid.