Electric conversion: fever hits Volkswagen Type 2

The madness of the conversion of old cars to electric affects the Type 2, the famous Combi, which was transformed with an exchange of the four-cylinder petrol for the whole of the Volkswagen e-Golf.

EV West, one of the great American specialists in the transformation of cars to electric, struck again. This time, it is the legendary Volkswagen Combi that passes into the hands of technicians and engineers who had to completely rethink the engine bay and the arrangement of organs on this car symbol of a hippie era.

EV West replaced the four-cylinder Volkswagen for a set from a Volkswagen e-Golf, with 35.8 kWh batteries and a 134 hp engine. The specialists have done a remarkable job to make the changes as visible as possible, including in the engine compartment where great efforts have been made to make the electrical assembly look like the four-cylinder flat.

This Type 2 is exhibited in a museum in California. EV West does not say if it will be produced in small quantities, but conversion to demand will certainly be possible for customers wishing to introduce an original VW electric powertrain in an old vehicle of the German brand.