Tesla Cybertruck mocked on social media

The Tesla Cybertruck – and more particularly its design – spills a lot of ink on the canvas. The proof with these images openly mocking the look of the new pick-up presented by the Californian firm.

Adored or hated: the design of the Tesla Cybertruck pick-up leaves no one indifferent. Its particularly geometric lines generate chain reactions on social networks. The proof with these humorous images from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other media sites.

The nicest shots show the Tesla Cybertruck in a futuristic space alongside a cosmonaut. The most aggressive shamelessly compare the angular features of the model connected to a corner of the table, a chest of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider of Playstation 1, a door unit, an old Apple mouse or a dumpster. An image produced on Paint software also shows the broken windows in the presentation of the car.

As a reminder, the Tesla Cybertruck measures 5.88 meters in length. Three versions will be available at launch in two and four wheel drive with autonomy ranging from 400 kilometers to 800 kilometers. See you in 2021 for the start of production.