Ford: electric “Mustang” SUV out of the shadows

The all-new electric SUV from Ford, inspired by the Mustang, was surprised with a minimalist camouflage letting out its design, clearly taken from the “pony car”. In any case at the back.

Ford will launch like many other manufacturers in the electric, but no question for the moment to do it with a compact and inexpensive car. The industrial challenge is still far too great in the face of the still high price of batteries, which has led Ford, like others, to opt for a more profitable, bigger, more powerful and more expensive model.

It will therefore be an SUV, with a little more than 400 km of autonomy (according to the American EPA cycle, closer to reality than the European WLTP cycle), and above all a design strongly inspired by the Mustang. The proof, with these images of our colleagues from Autoexpress which show a stern actually resembling that of the Mustang. 

For the front, we will not pronounce until we have seen the car during its official presentation (which will take place in the coming days), but this SUV seems to have its own personality.

It now remains to know the price, the main criterion of this electric SUV which will ultimately have little competition from generalist brands in Europe.