BMW announces double density batteries by 2030

The improvement in batteries for electric cars is far from approaching an exponential curve. But BMW is betting on an energy density doubled by 2030, either twice the capacity for the same weight, or half the kilograms on the scale.

BMW has big ambitions for the electric car, and the brand has just communicated on the subject in a long press release summarizing the group’s ambitions for the next 10 years. 

The manufacturer announces an investment of 200 million euros for its center called “Competence Center”. It employs 200 people and is used in particular for research into the future of mobility, starting with batteries. European auto giants are finally tackling the problem after letting the Asians take the monopoly, even if it will take years to see progress.

No “solid” batteries or real short-term prowess, however, according to BMW, which speaks of a battery with double density (compared to a current i3), but not before 2030. Concretely, at this date, BMW will be able to sell a car with batteries as large as those of the i3, but with double the range.

At this date, one in two BMWs sold worldwide will be electrified and rechargeable (hybrid, electric). It is in any case the objective displayed by the brand which, for the moment, is struggling to follow in terms of 100% electric after the i3 in a market in full revolution.