Ford Mustang Mach-E: find out all the details on Monday 18 November 2019

It is next Monday that Ford must unveil its future model, the name of which was made official on Thursday, November 14. It will be the Mustang Mach-E, a 100% electric SUV. Caradisiac is of course in the starting blocks and will be there. But here is already all that we already know about this novelty.

Major maneuvers at Ford, which gradually reveals its future model. If we don’t know much yet, some information is still acquired.

It will be an SUV, inspired by the Mustang coupe, 100% electric, with several levels of battery capacity and it will be available in propulsion or 4-wheel drive.

On November 14, Ford formalized its name: it will be “Mustang Mach-E”. If Mach-E was almost acquired, Ford therefore decided to keep Mustang, probably to benefit from its novelty of the aura of the coupe whose success has never wavered since its release in 1964. And even if stick the name on an SUV may seem incongruous, it’s certainly smart from a marketing point of view.

From the month of October, this future model was seen in camouflaged version and in “cold weather” tests.

Since then, rumors have been heard about a maximum range of 600 km, which would allow it to compete with the best Tesla models.

On October 24, Ford released a drawing revealing the main lines of the car’s profile. Impossible to get an idea, however, of the general look, but this profile evokes quite clearly a cut SUV (see photo at the head of the article).

This impression, as well as the lineage with the Mustang in the design, was confirmed after the release of new photos on November 8. A camouflaged prototype, of course, but which still suggests the lines better. The front side takes up a grille in shape inspired by the coupe indeed, but it is especially at the rear that the parentage is the clearest, with very similar lights.

Thursday, November 14, therefore, Ford formalizes the name, and makes some teeth cringe, by associating an SUV with the name Mustang. Lese majeste crime for some.

Finally, on Friday September 15, some photos of the final model leaked on the canvas. We discover a style actually inspired by the Mustang, and some technical characteristics in the form of “objectives to be achieved”. As well as an interior that reveals a very Tesla inspiration, with a large vertical shelf.

In short, we will have to wait for Monday, November 18 for us (Sunday, 17 for the Americans), before discovering all the details on this novelty. We will obviously be there and will present you all the details with a publication at exactly 4 am. Be ready.