Renault embarks on hydrogen with its utilities

Renault unveils a fuel cell version of the Kangoo and Master, which thus announce much better autonomy. The Kangoo ZE Hydrogen is already available to order.

Leader of the electric utility vehicle in Europe, Renault wants to stay one step ahead and unveils a hydrogen version of the Kangoo and Master. These models are not concepts. The small will be available at the end of this year, the large will arrive in 2020.

These models, named “ZE Hydrogen”, are equipped with a fuel cell extending range, which provides electrical and thermal power of 10 kW. The technology has been developed since 2014 with a subsidiary of the Michelin Group, Symbio. As a reminder, the fuel cell combines the hydrogen in the tanks with the oxygen in the air to produce electricity, intended to power the electric motor.

These Kangoo and Masters therefore have a clearly improved field of action. The Kangoo can thus travel up to 370 km at once (according to the WLTP cycle) against 230 km for the classic electric version. It has a loading volume of 3.9 m3. Thanks to its size, the Master will be a real winner. Two hydrogen tanks will increase the range from 120 to 350 km! The Master will be available in van and chassis, with two versions each time, which will allow it to adapt to needs.

In addition to the increasing autonomy, the advantage is to be able to refuel in a few minutes. What make electric utilities more interesting. But unfortunately not more affordable! Renault has already given the price of the Kangoo ZE Hydrogen: 48,300 € HT, but with the battery and without taking into account the bonus.