Tesla tries the Nürburgring record in the middle of the Frankfurt Motor Show week

Elon Musk posted a simple message on his personal account announcing the presence of the Tesla Model S on the Nürburgring, “next week”. In the middle of the promotion and launch of the Porsche Taycan. Just to snatch the lap record at the best time?

Never short of an idea, Elon Musk. The charismatic boss of Tesla announces indeed on his Twitter account, that he likes to use as a vector of big announcements, that the Model S will be on the Nürburgring circuit next week. Neither one nor two, the shortcut to a record attempt is made, especially since all the “planets are aligned”.

Porsche recently established a time with the Taycan, which is the fastest electric sedan on the tour, in 7:45 minutes, and we are in the middle of Taycan’s press and public presentation period at the show. of Frankfurt to be held … next week.

Let us recall in passing that Tesla is part of the list of absent at the Frankfurt Motor Show. So, while Porsche will display the Taycan to the general public, Elon Musk may have the opportunity to steal the show if the record falls. In any case, we count on the boss of the Californian manufacturer to make a colorful communication if the outcome proves positive for the Model S on the 20.8 km loop.