The Kia Niro EV Makes It Easier Than EVer To Go Electric

Kia Niro EV

It’s high time for people to take the plunge and the Niro EV can help make that happen.

Aside from the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan LEAF, we have multiple longer-range EVs available today. These include crossovers like the Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai Kona Electric, and Kia Niro EV. Interesting, these three cars are very similar in many ways. While all of these vehicles will help further electric car adoption, Motor Trend puts the Niro EV among the best in the class. Moreover, it’s not the first publication to offer its praise to the small electric SUV.

In summary, Motor Trend points to the Niro EV’s overall performance and range as two primary positives. In addition, it reminds us that charging infrastructure is getting faster and becoming more readily available. It even goes so far as to say that an electric car has “never made more sense” for a “significant portion of Americans.” According to Motor Trend:

“Unlike a lot of hybrids, which can feel slow, lifeless, and lethargic, electric cars like the Niro EV are shockingly (no pun intended) fun to drive.”

“When you nail the throttle—as I often did—it hunkers down on its rear haunches and launches forward near instantly.”

“The Niro handles well, too, with direct, responsive steering that’s a set of summer tires away from replicating a hot hatch.”

Range anxiety used to be a primary deterrent to EV ownership. But, with the Niro EV’s 239 miles of EPA-estimated range, most people should have no concerns. This would get most folks through their weekly commute without having to charge. This is especially true of urban dwellers. Those that live out in the country can charge overnight at home and travel into the city and back without even having to deal with public charging.

Regardless of which EV you choose, Motor Trend points out that public fast-charging infrastructure is growing rapidly and it doesn’t take nearly as long to charge as some people may think. Still, MT admits:

“I’m not gonna lie to you—it’s still far easier to charge a Tesla via the automaker’s Supercharger network than it is to plug in your Niro, Kona, Bolt, or even Leaf while on the road. Tesla’s network is far more expansive, but the charging infrastructure for the rest of us is rapidly catching up.”

However, if you’re not in the market for a Tesla, networks like Electrify America, ChargePoint, and others are making it much easier to own cars like the Niro EV.