Will Porsche Taycan Be The First EV To Stack Up To Tesla Model S?

Tesla has been pretty much untouchable thus far.

The Tesla Model S first came to market way back in 2012. To this day, there hasn’t been a single successful competitor to the innovative, all-electric performance sedan, aside from arguably Tesla’s own Model 3. Motor Trend recently named the 2013 Model S the best overall Car of the Year winner for all time. It’s Motor Trend’s “Ultimate Car of the Year.”

Many people will argue that there haven’t been any successful rivals to any of Tesla’s vehicles. The Chevrolet Bolt came along with solid range and a good starting price, but it’s not selling like hotcakes. It’s also not a luxury or premium vehicle.

Even the newest entrants in the segment, along with those that are coming soon, can’t match the Silicon Valley automaker on range, performance, technology, etc. You can compare all current models using our Compare EVs page.

The Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron were both set to give Tesla a run for its money. Both are “long-range” luxury BEVs with plenty to offer. However, despite positive reviews, they just don’t stack up.

Despite many peoples’ disappointment with the Audi e-tron — especially in terms of range —  Volkswagen Group has another popular competitor coming soon. The Porsche Taycan could finally break the trend and provide worthy competition for Tesla. Will it pull it off?

Our good friend Sean Mitchell dives deep. Check out his analysis and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.