Will the Audi and Porsche PPE platform soon be offered to other manufacturers?

Sharing a platform with multiple brands has always been a great way to amortize costs. The Volkswagen group’s modular PPE system is envious. The entity is therefore considering the idea of ​​marketing its innovation intended for electric vehicles to firms outside the group.

The Volkswagen group has revealed to our colleagues from the American publication Bloomberg very interesting information about its modular platform intended for boosted cars. Its innovation developed by Audi and Porsche, called PPE, is of great interest to brands that are not part of the German entity.

The head of development at Audi who worked on the EPP project Ulrich Widmann told the publication across the Atlantic that: “the interest is major, we are having discussions. Sharing technologies to launch economies of scale is an important step in the democratization of electric cars. It is an economic and ecological maneuver.”

Corridor noises are trying to determine which high-end brand will open the ball. McLaren has a carbon monohull to amortize for a few more years while Maserati has an attractive offer with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group. The rumors therefore count on Aston Martin, a firm whose philosophy of its cars corresponds to the comfort and grand tourism destination of the PPE platform of the Volkswagen group.